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She is weeping
Green tears down copper cheeks
As she watches her dream get trampled
Under half-truths and whole lies
Under the tires of an ATV
As they cry in cages
Victims victimized
For the crime of wanting better
Than the hand that was dealt
For wanting their children
To live
To see old age
But as they are separated
From their dignity
And those little hands
She cries
These tired masses
Tempest tossed
As they stand on the other side
Of the fence
How quickly forgotten
Once the children
Whom war and famine
Delivered also to these shores
Yearning too
To breathe freedom
But how quick forgotten
As their names were signed in ledgers
Their new homes built
Their dream achieved
Giving them rights
They wouldn’t have
If their Mother
Hadn’t dared
And as they now tread
On these new American dreams
That brought road-weary feet
To these silver pens
Her golden light wanes
As another child is taken
While mother Liberty
Sits in detention
Copyright © 2018 Mary Alexandra Stiefvater

<![CDATA[AND SO GOODBYE]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 04:20:12 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/and-so-goodbyeAND SO GOODBYE
I wondered awhile
How love with you would be…
It wouldn’t be me
Copyright © 2016 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[AN INVITATION]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 04:02:06 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/an-invitationAN INVITATION
There are things you can tell a stranger
That you cannot tell a friend
Because once someone is invested
It’s the beginning of…the end
And there are things you can tell a friend
That you cannot tell a lover
Because the truth might hurt them and more over
May make them want to wander
There are things you can tell a lover
That you cannot tell a spouse
The closer to the inner circle
The more it hurts when one tries to get out
When people share a piece of themselves
They open the door in
To the next concentric circle
To their loves, losses and their sins
If you learn to love step by step
People reveal more and more
So by the time you make it to their bed
You won’t have walked blindly through that door
They are protecting you as you enter
Their fragile and sacred space
By sharing themselves slowly
At a temperate and measured pace
See, there are things you can’t tell a stranger
That a friend will hear and accept
There is more you can tell a lover
Until both sides needs are met
So once you become a spouse
You’ve learned the real truth
Of all the level of that person’s life
They’ve opened all them unto you
Do not turn your nose up
When someone asks you to be their friend
Its not a shame or put down
It’s the first real invitation in
Copyright © 2012 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[All I Ever Wanted]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 04:00:49 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/all-i-ever-wantedAll I Ever Wanted
They wanted cars
They wanted homes
They wanted babies
Loves to call their own
But all I ever wanted was one thing
They wanted trips
They wanted money
They wanted clothes
Lives beautifully sunny
But all I wanted was one thing
They wanted more
They wanted double
They want triple
You see the trouble
But I still wanted just one thing
While they compiled
A list material
All I wanted was
Much more ethereal
One thing
So I toiled
For a lifetime
Towards this goal
With no lifeline
One thing
If it failed
There wasn’t any
Boats or houses
Or loves a plenty
Please, just one thing
I gave it up
I gave it all
Towards one thing
Pray I don’t fall
Just one thing
Now I am close
To finding it
My one thing
The journey, my gift
And one thing was enough
Copyright © 2014 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[A LEEWARD WIND BLOWS]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 04:00:09 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/a-leeward-wind-blowsA LEEWARD WIND BLOWS
Waking up
You are gone
Departed while I slept
Heavy with guilt
Because I was not there
To wish you well
To send you off
To say goodbye
And the coffee stings
As the realization occurs
Gone in the night
Before I am aware
So instead of sugar
I heap a lump of sadness
Into my cup
And long for the day
We will once again sit
Across from each other again
Copyright © 2017 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[A KISS]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:59:32 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/a-kissA KISS
Means something
Means nothing
Is scary
Is wonderful
Can hurt
Can help
Brings down empires
Builds new lives
It all starts with
A kiss
Are you daring?
Are you terrified?
Do you wonder?
Do you hope?
The push of air from my lips to yours
The pull of magic lingering in time
Lean in
Lean back
Dig your hands a little deeper into your pockets
So your sweaty palms don't give you away
After all, it's just a kiss
Copyright © 2011 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[36000 Sunsets]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:58:44 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/36000-sunsets36000 Sunsets
36000 sunsets
If that’s all you get in a life
36000 sunsets
We didn’t get our full time
36000 sunsets
Not a minute more or day
36000 sunsets
We were robbed in every way
Of our 36000 sunsets
Held in each others arms
98 years of living
Life short and death too long
And when we crashed
I looked to you
The gold within your eyes
I saw my last horizon
Never another bright sunrise
My 36000 sunsets
Cut short as we rolled and rolled
I never saw it coming
As I headed for the unknown
I was swept unto one pathway
You were thrown to the other side
I watched as they lifted your form, bloody
And yes, you know I cried
Not because I was done and over
Or because my life was through
But because we would be parted
There was no more me and you
And on our last lovely sunset
We had argued on the drive
And so wrapped up in our angered
Detracted, I flipped our ride
And never another sunset
Never our hands would hold
Never again your brown eyes
With those beautiful flecks of gold
Copyright © 2016 Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[11:30 In The Autumn]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:57:18 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/1130-in-the-autumn11:30 In The Autumn
The rainbow danced across my hand
While I typed that morning
The violet sat upon my knuckles
The blue became bright green
And circled my middle finger
The yellow, orange and red bent themselves
Following the curve of my pinkie
They danced along with my fingers
As my fingers kissed the keys
But then I looked down and it was gone
My mini rainbow had passed
And the prism in my office that reflected it
Was silent
Waiting for tomorrow
To bend the light again
Copyright © 2014 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[36]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:56:37 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/3636
The golden number
Stealing them
What a sobering
Thought it is
That this age
Could take them all
Away, away
A morbid number
Cause one to really ponder
What’s the purpose?
Have they lied?
Is this all?
Should I have tried
For something more?
For something less?
Midlife crisis
The test of tests
Dead in a bed
Of disease, or in crash
Heart attack, and all alone
Clutching sadness, in pill form
In a bottle, in a car
Deep in sorrow
Now dim their star
This golden age
How dare you take them
Away, away
Copyright © 2014 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[10 Seconds]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:55:45 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/10-seconds10 Seconds
Did I miss you
Once you left my doorway?
And the room turned cold
As you were not there to warm it
I hovered in the space where you had stood
But to no avail
It would not bring you back
How delicious it had been
As you spoke though
I could not hear a word
As the sound of my heart racing
Filled my ears
I saw your eyes open and close lusciously
As if time was moving at a leisure
And I was not
As I had already pledged my love to you
Settled down
And was planning our future
This was just a figment
And I the imagined dreamer
As you held the door
Inviting me in
Then turned to go you
Those 10 seconds undid me
Copyright © 2018 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[8X8]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:55:04 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/8x88X8
Eight by eight
Just large enough
To see there is more
Beyond the perimeters
That I have drawn for myself
There is a vastness
Between the lines
And through the empty spaces
I can see it
Safely out of reach
As I pace
Humming softly
To myself
It whispers to me
There is a wide openness
So close I can taste the air
It’s sweeter
But just beyond
There is sorrow
There are lies
There are questions
Beyond what I can answer
I am certain
So I pace
Around and around
No matter where I stand
The perspective doesn't change
And neither do I
In a cage
Of my own making
Just large enough
To let me see there is more
And I am missing it
From the space of my own undoing
Eight by eight in size
Safely containing me
While the vastness
Whispers my name
Copyright © 2015 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[5 MORE MINUTES]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:54:12 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/5-more-minutes5 MORE MINUTES
There we are
Crouching under the covers
Refusing to face the day
Because the bed is warm
And full of memories
Of last night’s escapades
To get out of bed
Means we have to be grown-ups
Facing the day
So we lay under the cotton and feathers
Staging our private coup
And the kids are already screaming
And there’s coffee to be made
But we lie there
Smiling at each other
Blissfully ignorant
For 5 more minutes
Copyright © 2009 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[As Much The Practice As The Skill]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:34:10 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/as-much-the-practice-as-the-skillAs Much The Practice As The Skill
As much the practice as the skill
Your everyday talent
Is but
A result
Of all the hours
Put into
This life
But you are more
More value
Than just the work
You are the skilled master
Crafting your life
By allowing the marriage
Of work and magic
Giving both room to breathe
To move
To move you
And so me
You are so much more
Than just the day’s labor
The long hours
The repetition
You are the gifts too
Your endowment
Your daily routine
After you have been cut down
Torn up and ripped to shreds
What is left is deeper
More poignant
More powerful
You are more
Than the summation of
Your parts are part of the whole
The greater
Good, your talents
And your ethic
A fruitful union
As much the practice as the skill
The talent as the work
And your value
Valued contribution
Is as much for the whole
As for you
Copyright © 2016 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[ART, IT SAVED ME]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:33:22 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/art-it-saved-meART, IT SAVED ME
If not for you
I wouldn’t be
This kind of person
Proud and free
You turned me round
And lead me down
A path uncharted
Adventure bound
Because of you
I learned to question
And live not knowing
But learning the lessons
I found the person
I was to become
Because of you
My thoughts aplomb
So when I reach my destination
I got there on the road less taken
And had the time to grown to see
The grace of a world surrounding me
You saved me and
I am grateful so…
Thank you ART
For teaching me
What I need know
Copyright © 2013 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[ARMS]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:32:46 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/armsARMS
To arms I say
To arms
Lift them up
Raise them high
With the power to build empires
Forge new byways
Champion causes
Carry our neighbor when he falls
To arms I say
To arms
Let them pull you up
Planting seeds and ideals along the way
And when the harvest comes
Because it will
To arms I say
Shoulder to shoulder with our brethren
Enlisting their arms
Their aid
As the vintage ripens in our collective hands
Our baskets laden with goodwill
The fruit of our union
Our arms strained
As our hearts overflow
Our minds, our bodies
Building dreams
That will carry our children forth
To there inspired destiny
Embracing the life we craft
We are the chosen masses
We are God's fruited plain
Under this spacious sky
With greatness written on our souls
On our futures
Tattooed upon these arms
The muscle, rag and bone
That fashioned this land
Can make it even better
Not with metal but flesh
So to arms I say
To arms
And let us build a world
Copyright © 2017 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[Another]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:31:34 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/anotherAnother
Another day
Another friend
Another choice
Sand slipping through
These fingers, trying to
Hold on
But failing
As the sun slips
Past the horizon
Another night
Another year
Another lifetime
It would be different
But alas
It’s not
What I expected
What I wished
What they said
It would be
Another lesson
Another scar
Another tear
And it doesn’t stop
Doesn’t end
Just keeps turning
Towards the beginning
A new cycle
So I lay back
On a beach
Counting the grains
As they slip away
And wondering how
Many more anothers
I have in me
Copyright © 2015 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[AND THE SPACE SINGS]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:31:00 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/and-the-space-singsAND THE SPACE SINGS
And the space sings
As the cello cries
Wiping back tears with
A swipe of the bow
Between her legs
Birthing a song
Note by note
Breath by breath
Resonating the pain
Holding it
As the cello cries
Surrendering to the music
She lays it bear on the floor
As the notes float gently away
And the walls absorb them
Copyright © 2017 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[AN ARGUMENT POETIC]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:29:56 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/an-argument-poeticAN ARGUMENT POETIC
A poem he said
By another name
Is not a poem
Thank you just the same
A song, or rap
A prayer, or dance
Is not a poem
Not even a chance
I beg to differ
I shouted loud
They all are poems
Beautiful and proud
A poem is nothing
More or less
Than a thought pushed out
Lyrically condensed
It asks a question
Answering with truth
It changes minds
Gives back one’s youth
I beg to differ
With your hypothesis
But poems are everywhere
Let’s go down the list
A dance is just
A poem with movement
A song is musically
A poem with groove in it
A rap is poetry
Raw in form
A prayer is poetic
The blessed norm
Poetry isn’t only
For the precious
It’s everyday
It’s for the masses
A poem, a poem
By another name
Is still a poem
Thank you just the same
Copyright ©2014 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[SO FAMILIAR]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:27:46 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/so-familiarSO FAMILIAR
Have I read you before?
You seem so familiar...
A delicate tale whispered in the sheets?
Or a back room nightmare I forgot to remember?
Have I read you before?
Tucked in a corner in cotton and cashmere
Stumbling through word by word in the stormy night?
Or was it on gingham by the sea
While the ham sandwich and lemonade sat near?
Oh yes!
I enjoyed you one summer...
So delicious was your story
That I read you again
We’ve meet before
And on that juicy sultry night
I lapped you up
And took you in
And could not bare to put you down
They had to pry you from my hands
As we lay side by side
In the swinging hammock
And I could not catch my breath as you finished
So enraptured was I
With your pulp
With your matter
With the words you gave me
That I can’t believe I ever doubted
I have read you before
So familiar
Do you mind…
Copyright © 2018 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[Always Just]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:26:22 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/always-justAlways Just
Chasing you through lifetimes
Space and time between us
Always just
You slip through a crack in the sky
Mercury between my fingers
You leap
I jump
Always just
A moment
A second
A lifetime
Behind I fall
As you slide through the darkness
Into the light
And I am lost
Unguided by stars
But you are ahead
Learning new lessons
Growing, changing
Without me
Always just
A lesson too late
Our love unheld
Our hands untouched
I run
You walk
But we do not meet
Always just
A moment
A second
A lifetime
Still I try
And still you look back reaching
Because this is how
We are destined get there
In the end
Always just
Copyright © 2017 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[alone together]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 03:24:37 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/alone-togetherAlone Together
What’s wrong
I miss her
What’s wrong with you
I miss her too
Same miss, different her
You want to talk about it
Me neither
So they stood there
Alone in their grief, together
For a moment
I’m going to go
Copyright © 2016 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[ALLIGATOR TEETH]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 02:47:51 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/alligator-teethALLIGATOR TEETH
All tucked in
Snug and tight
He warns us not
To crawl out tonight
Cause once we leave
Our cozy beds
The alligators
Will dare to tread
They lurk just under
Our mattresses
Sharpening their teeth
Like spikes of lead
They like small feet
They love small toes
They snack at night
Every parent knows
That’s why they tuck
Their kids in tight
And warn them of
Alligators at night
Don’t climb out,
Or wander ‘round
For a glass of water…
Just lie back down
In your soft, warm bed
Wrapped in blankets tight
Don’t drop your teddy
Or it’s a lonely night
Because the alligators
Lie underneath
Your cozy beds
Sharpening their teeth
Waiting for small feet
And little toes
For teddy bears
Their mortal foes
Better fall asleep
Until morning light
Because the alligators are sharpen
Their teeth tonight
Copyright ©2014 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[ALL THAT’S LEFT]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 02:46:38 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/all-thats-leftALL THAT’S LEFT
It’s not the ones who go
It’s the ones who stay 
And how 
And why
The order of our days
Our worst fears come true
Losing you 
And how 
And why
Begins our truth
For you see
There is more that we
Are forced to know
Are made to be
And how
And why
We just have to try
Long after they
Have said goodbye
It’s what was left
And how we grew
After their absence
Subjected to
Grief and loss
Sadness, pain
As they go forth
This thought remains
It’s all that's left
When they part the way
And clear a space
But we’re forced to stay
It’s what we learn
Long after they
Have lost tomorrow
We still have today
Copyright ©2016 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[ALL IN THE THINKING]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 02:46:03 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/all-in-the-thinkingALL IN THE THINKING
Why dream
If life decides the course?
Why plan?
Fruitless efforts
In an uncertain world
A waste of time
Energy wrongly diverted
Does even one good thought
One hope
One dream
Change us for the better
Shifting the course and direction
That Fate was on?
Do hopes and dreams create
Better things
Even if plans change them
Just because they were thought?
One positive thought
One hope
One dream
Might just make a better world
For all
Copyright © 2004 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater
<![CDATA[All good things]]>Sun, 13 May 2018 02:45:07 GMThttp://31strepublicproductions.com/poetry-archive/all-good-thingsAll Good Things
All good things must come to
An end is just the beginning
A doorway to something new
And so it goes
I come
You go
And all good things must come
Back to you
If you are patient
If you are kind
And so it goes
The end is just an illusion
A bend in the circle
Of continuous transition
But if you remember
All good things must come too
Then the end is just the beginning
Of a love that’s new
Copyright ©2016 by Mary Alexandra Stiefvater